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Hi, and welcome to the new and improved home of That Word Grrl Editorial Services! If you landed here expecting to find my CV, it’s now here. Just mind the sawdust – things are still being shifted around somewhat. This homepage is now my blog, where I will discuss a variety of subjects, including why you need to hire a content creator, writer, or editor for your project (and why, of course, that person should be me). Obviously, any editor will tell you that you should hire them because they are fast and detail-oriented. That just comes with the job title. So, what sets me apart from all those other content creators, writers, and editors?

It’s Just between Us
My main selling point is my ability to be your secret weapon – the one that makes you look fabulous, without anybody ever needing to know that you hired me (unless you give a referral, which would be great, of course). You can simply take all the credit as if you had done all of the work yourself. In other words, it’s just between us.

B2C Web Content
Do you want to generate interest in your product or service with B2C web content? I can provide you with blog content, product descriptions, and social media postings that match the voice and tone you have established. You will then be free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

B2B Writing
Are you looking to expand your freelance B2B writing team? I can provide engaging, well-researched articles that provide your readers with solid information to help them build both their business and their knowledge of the industry. These well-crafted articles can help boost your readership, while you focus on advertising and marketing.

Academic and Scientific Editing
Do you have a scientific or academic manuscript you want to submit to a journal? Are you about to submit your master’s or PhD thesis? I can help you present a paper that is both concise and well-written. If English is not your first language, I specialize in improving your phrasing to make you appear to be fluent in English. Your manuscript will be much better received by top journals in your field if your manuscript is in standard written English! If you are working toward your master’s or PhD degree, you can be certain that your review committee will be far more favorably inclined if you submit a well-written thesis.

For Example…
Another editor sent me the second half of a 90,000-word white paper that she was unable to finish herself. The paper was from a Kenyan client who was not fluent in English. It was being submitted to a well-known NGO. It was accepted, and the satisfied client was pleasantly surprised to learn that their paper had two editors. I retained both the voice of the client and the consistency of my colleague’s edits.

An Extension of You
If I have done my job properly, your customers, clients, readers, editorial board, or review committee will never know that you have hired me. I match my editorial voice to your particular needs. In essence, I will be an extension of you. Your concepts. My writing and editing. It all adds up to better results for you. THAT’S what sets That Word Grrl Editorial Services apart from everyone else!


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